19 Nov 2013

An introduction & NYC


A face to a name they say, but in this case there wasn't even a name.
What you say?
Well today it is time for me to step in front of the lens and finally introduce myself as the blogger behind the majority of the blog, and what better way than to bring you on my recent travels to non other than New York City.

I will start from the beginning shall I? See the picture below, with the girl looking slightly awkward in the middle of Greenwich village, well that's me. I go by the name Suzi, am recently married and have a massive thing for cake mixture and warm ribena.
Allium B approached me last year about working alongside them with their new blog. Taking one look at their website, I could sense we were on the same wave length and couldn't wait to get involved.
Fast forward a year and with a growing brand, media interest and a steady 'fan base' we are learning about growing our social media and building on our blog.
Anyway back to the adventure...

we stopped by our friend Carrie Bradshaw, but unfortunately she wasn't home

NYC nyc7 NYC8 nyc9 NYC1

Manhattan is a truly magical place, and having been lucky enough to have trodden the concrete jungle a few times,we decided to spend a few days sipping in the 'other' side of New York. We stayed in the West Village and spent our days walking endlessly through the villages, nipping out of the cold for a cuppa, breathing in the air from the Hudson river and eating like locals. It fills my heart up a little bit every time I go.

Thank for letting me share my travels with you, and I will nip in and say hi from time to time!

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