11 Jul 2013

We Love: Lewes part 2

Don't worry we didn't forget, we are back with the remainder of our tour of Lewes (part one here) which may just be our favourite of all places (but sshhh don't tell Brighton) 


The next place to head to would be towards the river and over the bridge, you will be met by cobbled streets, boutique cafes and antique stores galore.

DSC04935 DSC04929  DSC04931

Stop of at our new favourite cafe Le Magasin, serving fresh breads, cakes and macaroons

DSC04939 DSC04948 DSC04943

oh, and tea of course


or even our old favourite, Bills (we blogged about it here)


and make sure you spend the rest of your afternoon searching the many Antique shops, our favourites being May's Antiques and  Southdowns antiques

DSC04957 DSC04958 DSC04963

and don't leave without a bargain or two!

We would love to know your favourite local town to visit?

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