7 May 2014

We love Hub Dot

We love discovering something new at Allium B, so we were intrigued when we got a call from Hub Dot to see if we fancied telling our story in 60 seconds  - yes 60 seconds.

So who is Hub Dot, I hear you ask? We had heard stories of coloured dots and glasses of wine, but that's was it, so we decided to investigate and we liked what we found.

The idea is very simple - it's a community of women of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities who all believe the best personal and professional connections happen in real life, not cyberspace. It's about sharing stories and ideas whilst having a glass of wine with friends old and new. 

We were intrigued, so last Thursday we headed up to London and the wonderful MADE studio in Notting Hill Gate for "Connecting through a love of Fashion" and we had a wonderful time. It was one of those evenings when you bump into a couple of old friends, hear some inspiring stories and give a little advice along the way. It's very relaxed and most of all it's fun. 

Hub Dot have events popping up around the world (Napoli, Barcelona anyone?) but the next 2 UK events are in Cheltenham and London - so if you fancy a night out, head over to their website to book a ticket. It's one of those evenings you could do with friends or solo.

Let us know what you think.

Clare & Mary x 

So what about the dots?

When Simona hosted the very first gathering of what would become the Hub Dot London community, she used a really simple system of five coloured dots to help her guests quickly find someone like-minded, even if they had never met before. They are used as an icebreaker when you first meet.
redRED – “I’m established (in my career/business/motherhood); feel free to ask me more”
yellowYELLOW – “I have an idea, can anyone help?”
greenGREEN – “I’m here to be inspired”
blueBLUE – “I’m here to socialise and shop!”
purplePURPLE – “I want to tell you about… (my story/my work/my charity)”

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