16 Apr 2014

What Lizzy Loves & Lady Loves Fashion - Spotted in Allium B.

We have always loved spotting real people in our designs. In the old days, before Allium B (when we still worked for Top Shop), we would be able to spot Monday's best sellers on a Saturday night out in Brighton - a dozen girls in the same dress and we knew had sold at least 1500.  Those Saturday nights on the tiles are a distant memory (most weekends), but we always spotting someone in one of our dresses.
So we were delighted when 2 of our favourite bloggers What Lizzy Loves and Lady Loves Fashion offered try a couple of our dresses (and a blouse)

What Lizzy Loves in Camille
Lady Loves Fashion in Audrey

Lady Loves Fashion in Megan

We hope you love the styling too.

To see more head over to Lizzy's blog & Danielle's Blog

PS Lizzy also has an exclusive Easter discount

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