26 Nov 2013

The Allium B Kitchen: Dippy eggs

dippy eggs

Eggs are my best friend.
They make the perfect companion for either breakfast, lunch or dinner and they have so many options, but my favourite has to be dippy eggs. I used to love having these for dinner when I was a kid and always remember turning them upside down once I had finished and telling my mum that I wasn't hungry and didn't want them. A joke I still seem to do to this day.
I love how easy they are to make as well, and I am still trying to prove to everyone that yolk is seriously the best sauce you will EVER have.

To make your super quick breakfast, lunch or dinner you will need,

  • how ever many eggs you fancy off your choosing ( I normally have 2)
  • 2 slices of bread (again this is obviously to your choosing)
  • Place boiling water into a saucepan (with enough water to cover the eggs) this speeds up the process
  • place your eggs carefully into the pan and boil for 5 minutes
  • Once boiled serve in egg cups, butter your toast, cut into soldiers (obligatory) and dip away

toast soldiers dippy eggs2 runny eggs

Now I am off to make some for my lunch as looking at these photos is just too irresistible for me.

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