2 Oct 2013

Behind the Scenes - Limited Edition Juliet Dress

Whilst looking through Liberty's print collection we spotted the beautiful 
Joy and Sorrow print and fell in love. 

We instantly knew how we wanted to wear it. A simple unstructured shift shape with a
three-quarter sleeve and side pockets, so we kept the design simple

Liberty's only had a single roll left, so we smiled very sweetly at the lovely ladies 
that make our dresses (bought a few boxes of biscuits to keep them happy) 
and asked them to make our first ever limited edition. 

There is no more fabric and we only have 42, so you will need to be quick.
Each dress has been numbered, so you really are buying a forever dress. 

In years to come, Juliet may well be Allium B's first collectors piece.
 We can't promise your investment will go up, 
but you will have a beautiful dress you can love forever.

I'd be quick - shop JULIET

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