29 Oct 2013

Allium B Kitchen: Toad in the Hole

toad in the hole

I'm back again with another very seasonal recipe post. I personally think that this dish is the epitome of winter, and I normally save this dish for bonfire night every year (although in this case I had to make it early for blog purposes, but I can't complain) I look forward to it all year, I know there isn't actually anything stopping me from making it, but to me it makes it more special. 
So follow the recipe for your bonfire ready dinner

You will need for 2 people
4-6 sausages (depends how hungry you are)
bacon (optional)
2 eggs
300ml milk
100g plain flour
1 tsp mixed herbs
1tsp salt&pepper 

1. Start with pre-heating the over to 170 degrees
2. Oil a roasting dish, place the sausages (wrapped in bacon if you wish) into the oven to brown for 10 minutes
3. Now it's time to make the batter, sift the flour, add the eggs, milk, herbs and seasoning and mix all together until the mixture is smooth
4. Add to the roasting tray and leave to cook for 1 hour
5. You will need to check on it, but do not open the oven, otherwise it stops the batter from rising
6. Once the batter is browned all over you are ready to go
7. I normally eat mine with sweet potato (find our recipe here) and baked beans. You can put the sweet potato in at the same time as the sausages. 

toad in the hole2 DSC00562

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