29 Mar 2013

Allium B kitchen: Super quick double Cheese burgers

double cheeseburger

As dinner time came around the other night, we were craving something naughty, and the last thing we fancied doing was cooking something extravagant. I was nearly half way out the door, to go and grab something to go, when I realised I had some left over mince in the fridge, and chips in the freezer, so I had to make these super quick burgers to satisfy my craving.

What we used- (for 2 people)
For the burgers
400g mince
salt and pepper
Cheddar cheese
Mozzarella cheese

Hot sauce


Your burgers will only take a few minutes to cook, so you will want to have everything else prepared so it will come together easily.
Pop your chips in the oven, and go about prepping your burger fillings. Feel free to use whatever you fancy.
Now it's time to prep your burgers. Divide your mince into 4 balls (remember this is two patties for each person)
Flatten each ball, so it is very thin and flat and season one side with salt and pepper.


Now move onto your sauce. Take a good squirt of mayo and add a dribbling of hot sauce, and mix them together.
You may want to be extra prepared and spread it over the bun, all ready for the burgers to land.


When your chips are good to go, switch the oven off but leave the chips in the oven so they stay hot.
Now it's time to switch on the hob to a medium heat (you may have to use 2 frying pans if it's not big enough)
Once hot place your meat, with the unseasoned side down and fry for 1 minute. When the minute is over, flip them over for another minute and season one more time. Now add your cheese to the top of the burger. We used cheddar on one, and mozzarella on the other. Place a saucepan lid over the pan, to help the cheese melt quicker. When your minute is done, take the pan away from the hot hob, as you don't want them to overcook.

Now it is down to you to assemble your burger, and get eating

dinner burger

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