21 Dec 2012

Allium B Kitchen: White chocolate truffles

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To conclude our Christmas food posts, we had to post about chocolate, the ultimate Christmas must have. There is something about this time of year that has everybody reaching for their advent calendars and selection boxes. So here is an easy, albeit a little timely recipe to whip out for your guests Christmas day, whilst waiting for the turkey and watching all the bad telly.

This batch was our first attempt, and have re-adapted the timing since, so although they may not look that pretty, they taste AMAZING, and next time I am sure they will look better. Practice makes perfect, right?

So here are the ingredients you need to make 50.
200g bar of white chocolate x 4
150ml double crème
1tbsp of Grand Marnier Liqueur (if you have it)
If you don't have this liqueur lying around then not to worry, 2 tbsp of orange juice will do the trick.

Now to get going,
1. Boil some water and place in a pan on the hob, and place a glass/metal bowl on top (be careful for the bowl not to touch the water) and break up 400g of chocolate (2 bars)
2. Add the crème and liqueur/orange juice
3. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon until it has melted with no lumps
4. Cover and place in the fridge for 2 hours
5. The chocolate should be very firm, but not solid
6. Take out the fridge, and roll tea spoon sized balls, and place onto a tray covered in baking paper
7. Place back into the fridge for an hour
8. Melt the remaining chocolate, using the same method as before
9. Using a fork dip the balls into the melted chocolate
10. Place back into the fridge for 20 minutes
11. You are now ready to eat (finally) but trust me it's worth it.

I would suggest to keep in the fridge at all times to prevent the chocolate melting, and take out 20 minutes before serving for them to soften up slightly.

We hope you enjoy!

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