30 Dec 2012

Allium B kitchen: New Year Cocktails

With the big night only hours away we bring you a few of our favourite cocktails to help you bring in the new year in style. 

Vanilla Martini's
3 handfuls ice
350ml vodka
1 tsp vanilla extract
100ml Grand Marnier
100ml Sugar syrup
3 vanilla pods, split lengthways (optional)

Clementine Fizz
12 clemetines, juiced
6 tbs Campari
1 bottle prosecco, chilled

Rhubarb and vodka jellies
500g rhubarb
400ml water
100g caster sugar
4 shhets gelatine, soaking in cold water until soft
4 tbsp vodka
1 tbsp cointreau

Drivers punch
100g cranberries
100ml cranberry juice
500ml blood orange juice
1 juice of lime
thin wedges of lime
thing wedges of orange
mint sprigs
600ml sparkling apple drink

{recipes from BBC good food}

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