11 Sept 2012

Behind the scenes: Photo shoot

Having shot our first 2 campaigns outside and been open to the elements

 -10c and snow in February and showers in April  
We decided to stay in the studio for our AW campaign (and as luck would have it, we were stuck inside when the sun shone outside).

The day starts early with makeup & lighting set up. 

It’s one of the great mysteries as an outsider that you start at 8.30am, but you don’t get a single picture until 11, but it’s this early prep that produces the amazing photos later.

We searched high and low for a location house and couldn’t found what we wanted, so with a little help from our neighbours who lent us some gorgeous props we recreated some beautiful rooms against the rough background of some back walls in the loading bay of Create – who said the world of fashion was glamorous?

The Stylist plans the looks for the shoot and always comes with bags of gorgeous accessories. 

Sarah Cresswell our wonderful photographer pulled together the campaign and with help from Claire and Kenny, ensured Malin was always looking gorgeous

Through out the day, we are constantly reviewing and checking images

It's amazing that some painted walls in an empty loading bay
 can be transformed into such beautiful images 

 and on to our website 

 A big thank you to everyone including Rosie who gave us a gorgeous supper and large glass of wine at the end of the day.


Love notes